Sales Manager

Company Name:
Gold's Gym
This role is responsible for leading and managing membership sales generation in a gym. This includes all aspects of sales including: obtaining and generating leads, qualifying leads, enrolling new members and following up with them to ensure they are satisfied with their experience and service with Gold's Gym. This position is also responsible for recruiting, hiring and training new Fitness Consultants as well as managing, motivating and training existing Fitness Consultants. Major Responsibilities: Sales Duties -
Manage, hire, train and develop sales staff.
Generates sales leads through Company-sponsored (walk-ins and TI's) and employee sponsored (outreach and promotions).
Oversees lead generation for sales team through Company-sponsored (walk-ins and TI's) and employee sponsored (outreach and promotions).
Motivate sales staff and monitor their production levels by using the established protocols and sales systems.
Hold daily production meeting with sales team.
Establish and maintain the company protocol for sales tours and price presentation.
Maintain and direct training and development of gym sales staff.
Establish and maintain an active referral system with the sales team.
Establish and maintain a lead box/lead bowl system and monitor on a monthly basis.
Develop and retain corporate client relationships through the sales team on a monthly basis.
Audit sales team on a monthly basis.
Maintain superior level of personal production.
Submit monthly game plan for training, promotions and department meetings to General Manager and Area Manager.
Create, implement and promote special events for the gym to generate sales. Management Duties -
Directly responsible for managing all sales systems to ensure that stats are 100% accurate and submitted on a timely basis.
Help ensure that all staff is adhering to staff uniform policy including uniform and name tags at all times when on duty
Assist in coordinating all necessary disciplinary actions involving all gym level employees with the General Manager.
Administers the Company's policies and procedures.
Responsible for cleanliness of the facility in the absence of the General Manager.
Usually manages the entire Gym on the weekends. Qualifications & Requirements:
Must have positive attitude and be able to motivate staff in a positive manner.
Possess good leadership qualities by possessing strong motivational, communication, team building and training skills.
Be self-motivated and strong organizational and management skills
Ability and experience in effectively motivating and managing a staff of sales-oriented employees.
Be promotionally-oriented and have the ability to direct sales through company required outreach programs.
Must be able to take direction and adhere to Company polices.
Must willing to learn and adhere to new systems as Company continues to grow.
Must have thorough understanding of facility operations as defined by company standards.
Comprehensive knowledge of all facility operational, sales, and management systems.
Proficient in the use of all software programs that are utilized at the facility.
Achieve acceptable level of units per month on an ongoing basis.
Must have completed all sales training CD's.
Demonstrate understanding of the Daily Sales Stat report and its contents in regard to affecting positive change in weak performance areas.
Possess complete understanding of the Assistant General Manager position description and understand the sales compensation plan.
Must be able to successfully pass all testing requirements including gym tours, telephone inquiry, counselor planner audit, guest card audit, lead box/bowl program, referral program and corporate outreach program.
Thorough understanding of all company policies and procedures.
College degree preferred. High school diploma and some college courses completed is required.
Country: US
City: Enterprise
Department: Candidate
Location Name: Enterprise - 0150
Postal Code: 36330
State: AL
Location Address: 707b Hwy 84 Bypass

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